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The conditions for e-readers and downloadable books are now on the market with the expected growth of analysts, which may reach 100% this year. And while half of our countries’ consumers are not aware of the commodity, sales begin to increase. Readers are usually better available and several of the most popular eReaders that you can purchase offer digital titles that can be used on many platforms. The fall in the prices in both books (over 30%) and readers is backed by one main truth (drop in average prices of around 100 euros as a result of a strong increase in competition).

This demand could also be assisted by the advent of foreign vendors such as Amazon, Facebook and Google Books with a broad free content portfolio. Bis now the key brake on its growth was the scarcity of digital books. However a recent poll of 280% of our country’s editors has revealed that 75% of them either have or are preparing to launch a digitized news catalog. It stands out in the Comics market, where 94% of businesses say they have it that will draw young people and young professionals to digital use.

According to the above report, 26% of retailer plan to be able to sell books between 30% and 50% less than print, in a digital format by 2012. by 2012 they have more than half their catalogs.

Aforementioned survey

According to the above report, 26% of publishing firms plan to be able to sell their books between 30 and 50% fewer in print than more than half their catalogs in digital format by 2012.

This announcement coincided with the rush of readers’ news. The new Nook (in color), by barnes and noble, has also been introduced to Sony’s electronic ink equipment offering, and the popular Amazon Kindle 3 is now at $1309 (about 98 euros). The global e-book market expanded more than 200 percent in 2010, to over 90 million sold units, and this year’s first quarter has already surpassed the projections, according to Futuresource Consulting’s newly published report. Sales are handled by Amazon, their Kindles, and Sony, while Garnet, a consultancy company, has cautioned about the rise of tech giants who are going to lead markets in the region.

Incorporation of the reading function

The use of the reading feature and the advantages of the color screen is valued in tablets and touch devices, in particular for magazines and journals. In this case the displays are LCD (TFT), which allows this digital reading market to appear. As far as formats are concerned, please remember that not every reader reads all books. All of these have to be known, an open and expanded code is advisable for expanding reading opportunities. The ePub, the pdf and the mobipocket are the formats favoured by readers.

How to Choose the Best Reader

1. Screen

The E-ink is a device that doesn’t tire the brain, but the black-and-white displays are used. E-ink. LCDs are tougher, but images can be shown and decorated.

2. Format

The more compatible the read, the more an open format is preferred. ePub is the most commonly opened.

3. Capacity and Connections

It is advisable to have a slot for micro SD or SD cards and not less than 2GB of normal capacity. The USB, ‘wi-fiction,’ Bluetooth and headphones are better. Connection to 3G networks is an asset when streaming.

4. Functions

Best the touch screen and better than interactive if you use a keyboard because the screen doesn’t lose.

5. Battery

The stronger your sovereignty, the richer. More battery is used by LCD displays.

6. Weight

It’s important to weigh little so that your hands are not exhausted.

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